Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hiiii guys!  I'm crazy about Japanese cuisine (from sashimi to tempura to their yummy beef rice and so on) so I'd like to share photos of what we had for dinner the other day. :)

I can eat Japanese food everyday if I could, no kidding!  It's just oh-so-yummy!  I know that's what I tend to say everytime I go and eat somewhere nice.  Anyway, a thumbs up for this dinner and I had a great time with my mom and aunt. :)  Oh and for dessert, we went to this place called Mi Cafe where we had coffee and waffles with ice-cream!  Oh God -- this post is making me hungry again.  Teehee!  Oh and sorry for the quality of the photos as I only had my phone with me at that time.  Anyway, enjoy and hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

Regine M.

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  1. all that is making me seriously hungry. Japanese food is my favourite!

    thanks for your lovely, lovely comment on my blog <3



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