Friday, 24 October 2014

Texas -- Labour Day Weekend!

Being at the Galleria Mall reminded me of Orlando, what with all the trees and stuff.  Aaaah Good times!

Two people I can never live without!  Ate Angelica and Miguel Wiggle! :)

So our adventure in Texas ended sooner than I thought it would which made me sad because that meant Miguel had to go back to uni for classes.  It's one thing to be with just my sister and another thing to be with just my brother, but when the three of us are together, that's when I feel more at ease and I can't help but think that life is just great. :)  I'm really glad we got to bond because it's just been way too long since we were together and yes I know I keep repeating it, but it's true.

Anyway, if you're in the mood for Korean food, do stop by at Carrollton and you'll have plenty of varieties/choices to choose from.  You can go for shabu-shabu, Korean BBQ or you can just go and order some of their dishes from the menu.  We did all three so it was a really awesome experience!  We always went home bloated, hence, that would explain our bulging bellies and the extra pounds we gained while we were there.

Oh and do stop by at Caffe Bene or Mozart Bakery if you'd like to have your sweet fill.  They've got waffles & toasts, good coffee & smoothies at Caffe Bene!  Trust me it's worth going there and the ambience is a plus!  If you're a cake person or if you'd like to purchase some goodies for your friends and family, then go to Mozart Bakery.  They have a really nice selection of bread, cake rolls (green tea is a must-try!) and macarons!

If you're looking for something that's not food related, I'd recommend for you to stop by at their little stationery shops where you would be able to find all those really cute stuff such as planners, stuffed toys, pens and pencils, etc.  They have posters of Korean artists too if those are the kinds of stuff you're into.

Since Korea is known for their skin care products, count on the shops in Carrollton to have The Face Shop and Tony Moly.  I personally have never heard of those shops before until my sister told me about them, not to mention I thought they were a little too pricey.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy anything though.  My sister kept telling me that we were already there so I might as well get stuff I won't be able to get anywhere else in the US.  So yes, even if they're a little pricey as one would expect they should be, I'd recommend you all to drop by those shops because you'll never know what you might find.  They have a lot of masks, hand creams, face creams, facial wash, etc. and they're really cute too!

The Galleria Mall is huge so you would be able to find almost anything you're looking for: from luxurious brands to affordable ones, count on it to have them.

I hope you like my photos and I do apologize for the quality of my photos as these were once again from my phone.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Texas -- Fort Worth Travel Diary Part 2

We went to the Botanical Gardens in Texas too, but did not spend a great amount of time there as we were already exhausted from wandering around the stockyards.  Oh and the thing about being there was that we weren't allowed to take pictures, but I took some with my phone anyway (see below).  Once again, this attraction is free so if ever you're in town, do drop by and be one with nature! :)

There was definitely a lot of things to see, but for some reason we weren't as enthusiastic as we were at the Water Gardens and the stockyards.  Not to mention, we didn't feel like walking anymore because the sun was scorching hot and I had to stop at almost every water fountain we happened to see/pass by.  Don't be discouraged by what I just said though!  Everything we saw was wonderful, but we've had a long day so all we wanted to do was pig out!

And that's exactly what we did.  You can definitely see my sister's excitement in the first picture below.  I mean who wouldn't be?  It was an "all-you-can-eat" kind of dinner, which included meat... and definitely more meaaaaat!!  This whole experience definitely made me want to visit Korea which is next on my bucket list by the way.  A couple of years ago, I probably would've said no or rejected any invitation of going to a Korean restaurant as I wasn't really a huge fan of kimchi or their little side dishes.  However, after having countless good experience in the Korean restaurants I've been to in Macau, how could I say no to Korean food now?  We all felt more than just a little bloated, but what matters was that we were satisfied.

Can you believe we still managed to have dessert at the same cafe we went to the night before?  Now that I think about it, I have no idea how we were able to stuff all that toast in our stomachs because I honestly remember feeling really bloated after dinner.  Oh well, I guess we just proved the saying "there's always room for dessert"!

Hope you all have a great week ahead and stay tuned for more travel posts! :) 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Texas -- Fort Worth Travel Diary

(The continuation of our trip to Texas...)  The next day we woke up early for church and drove to Fort Worth to see the Water Gardens afterwards.  I had no idea that such things existed, so of course I was awe-struck.  It was nice to just sit down and hear the water flow all the way to the bottom of the steps (see first photo).  After a while, we just kept on taking snapshots of almost everything, or maybe that was just me.

I posted this photo on instagram too.  Follow mrsadventurer68 on instagram if you haven't already.

Our trip to Texas was all about the food and our time together (yup, just us siblings!)  It's been so long since the three of us were together and it was the first time for us to go on a trip alone, so you can bet that we all had a wonderful time.

We had lunch at this steakhouse where we each had a different kind of steak.  I've always known that Texas is known for their steaks and we were fortunate enough to have been able to try some.  The one I ordered was so good that words won't be able to describe how I felt while chewing that juicy piece of meat.  While I got a bite off of my brother and sister's steaks, I still thought mine was the best.  And of course good things don't come cheap, so after we finished our meals and were fully satisfied, we asked for the bill.  We weren't surprised when we saw that it reached up to more than a hundred and thirty dollars, but we were laughing and joking about who would be staying and washing the dishes at the restaurant.  Aaaahhh good times!  

We wandered around the stockyards for a while, looking for souvenirs/postcards for our parents and friends when something caught my eye.

Isn't this interesting?  I wanted to buy a lot of these and give them to some people as a joke, but eventually decided not to.

After walking around some more, we saw a breed of cattle called the Texas Longhorn wherein people could get on them and take a photo for five bucks.  I certainly did not let that opportunity pass because as my sister would put it "I was already there", and I believe that money I spent was definitely worth it.

Sorry for the photo overload (and for the poor quality of some as they were taken by my phone), but I hope you like them and stay tuned for more!  I hope you all had a great weekend! :)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Texas -- Dallas Travel Diary

The end of August and the beginning of this month was all about road trips.  I personally loved being on the road, especially because we were on our way to Dallas.  It was also Labour Day weekend so one could expect that the weekend was much longer than usual.  We fetched our brother from his dorm the day before so we could just go, go, go asap the next day.  We woke up pretty early, but not as early as we intended to, but we were still able to get there sooner than we thought.

The drive was two hours longer than the drive to Bentonville, but I tried to stay awake to keep my sister company since she was after all, the person behind the wheel and I didn't want her to doze off in the middle of the road.  Our brother, on the other hand, well let's just say he woke up when we were nearly there.

Our first stop was IKEA.  It was the biggest IKEA store I've ever been in, in comparison to Hong Kong that is.  I've never really bought anything at IKEA in Hong Kong so I didn't think I'd be spending money in that store.  I was wrong.  I bought mugs which were only 99 cents each and other stuff such as frames, ooh and 3 paintings.  I honestly have no idea how I'm going to bring everything I bought back to Macau, but I guess I'll figure it out soon enough.  The food was delicious by the way: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, fries, ribs, salmon fillet and cakes (I posted a photo on instagram, but in case you haven't seen it, I've posted it here again.)  Did I mention they were affordable too?

After lunch, we drove to our hotel, Best Western Plus.  It was our first time to stay at Best Western, but we were impressed when we saw it because our room was just neat.  We had the view of the pool which was just perfection.  If ever you're in town and you want something affordable, I think this hotel would be just right for you, plus it's only a couple of minutes drive to the Galleria Mall.   There are definitely a lot of things to do at the mall, so I can assure you that you won't get bored unless you hate shopping...  My siblings and I took advantage of the fact that there was an ice-skating rink so we skated for a while and shopped for a bit before heading to the little Korean Town in Carrollton.

Meet my elder sister and my younger brother! :)

Shabu Shabu for dinner with Korean side dishes :)  Aaah yes, it was a good dinner!

We devoured this in less than half an hour after it was served.  It was kind of like "halo-halo", a Filipino dessert with crushed ice, beans topped with ice-cream.  It was soooooo good and chocolatey and I'm so glad we got this because it was just too good!  Only at Caffe Bene folks and it wasn't really that expensive.  However, I forgot how much it was so I won't be able to tell you.  Just know that it was worth it so do drop by if you have one near your place or if ever you're in town. :)

I hope you had an awesome weekend and stay tuned for my next post!  

Monday, 15 September 2014

Bentonville, Arkansas - Travel Photo Diary Part 2.

The second day was just as lovely as the first.  The sun was shining and the skies were blue, so we were able to go around for a while before heading back to Little Rock.  Our one and only stop involved visiting the Walmart Museum which was great because I got to learn about the founder.  There is no admission fee so you might want to go visit it if you're around the area. :)

I was very much inspired by how they first started off and how they became successful through their hard work.  Apparently, their main concern is to help the less fortunate so their prices tend to be much lower than other retailers.

The founder/owner Sam Walton, was inspiring because he was simple in the sense that he got his haircuts regularly for 5 bucks.  I was amazed at how someone so successful can be so down-to-earth.

Again, I would really recommend you to check the museum out if ever you're in the area!  They have a little souvenir shop too, where you can get postcards, candy bars and more!  Hope you like my photos and have a great week ahead!