Monday, 14 March 2011

Last weekend♥

Today is Monday again and I’m just doing my own stuff in the computer lab with my friends and just simply killing time. Well, what I really wanted to blog about was my SATURDATE with my babybooo! I had fun with him even if I had to go to work after which sucked big time.  We met up at his crib and then we decided to go where our feet would take us. Anywho, our first stop: a gadget store, as always, he’s sooo into gadgets but, oh well.  Then, then, then, we went looking for stuff I wanted: clothes and other stuff.  Got this skirt which turned out to be a pair of shorts.  They’re still cute though.  Then, went on a foodtrip!  We both love eating so yeaa… Had noodles and fried stuff.  Also, went to this place in Taipa where we could just loosen up and relax.  We took pictures and I had to go to work after… However, after work, we bought and brought some food for daddy in his workplace and then went to my crib to chill.  Had an awesome time!

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