Saturday, 19 March 2011

Uniform day/Pre-birthday celebration♥

Firstly, an event was held by the Marketing Society at school and everyone was welcome to wear their old highschool uniforms.  I really had fun and not to mention, I missed my old uniform and I’m actually sad my mom gave all my uniforms away.  However, thanks to Ermelinda, I got to participate in that event:D I enjoyed my time at school taking photos with friends, mates and our professors:) There was something that upset me though, I lost some of my photos when I tried saving them in the usb and deleted them from the computer. oh well…
Secondly, when I got home, I was sooo exhausted from school and stuff and there was this thing at my house and friends of my mom came and it turned out to be my pre-birthday celebration:D  My boyfriend came after cause he had to work:/ but, overall, I had a fun day:)

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