Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend :)

I had sooo much fun with my bf yesterday:) Started my day by doing chores and had lunch at his crib and stuff:D We got to go out right after fixing his hair(seriously, for a guy, he cares about his hair so much)… not that it matters, but I really really wanted to hang out and walk around the area.  Anywho, we stopped by a bakery and bought some sweet stuff:) YUM!:)  We walked around and stopped by shops until we decided to go to Taipa and that’s when he started making me laugh sooo hard, I couldn’t stop giggling:P  Had McDonald’s before going to work, sigh, junk food, but sigh, so yummy! :)   When I got to work, there were a lot of people already and I honestly didn’t feel like working, just wanted to walk some more with my baby, but anywho, got through it and bought food for my brother who never gets enough (and he’s thin! ><”) how fair is that! :/  Watched a couple of videos with my bf and yeaa… That’s pretty much it:) Had an awesome Saturday:)  The day was just perfect, even the weather was nice:)

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