Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Awesome weekend:)

08.04.2011 [FRIDAY]
This day of the month is always very special to me cos it’s the day when my bf and I became one:)) hahaha yeaa, so we spent the time after he got off work and then went back to my crib to eat:) We didn’t really do much as we were both tired from school and work, so that’s pretty much it:)
09.04.2011 [SATURDAY]
I woke up and did my chores as I usually do every Saturday and then took a shower and had lunch with my lovely mom @ Pizza&Company.  It’s the first time we’ve ever eaten there and I loved the food a lot:) especially the cake… mm mm:)) Then we parted, and I met up with my bf:) We hang out every Saturday now, well almost and it’s always fun hanging out with him since he makes me laugh a lot and we get to look around and eat as much as we want:P Anywho, we bought matching sandals:) yayy! :) and I got to buy a pair of wedges cos I really thought they were cute and yeaa it was just calling out to me saying “BUY MEEE”… how could I not resist? :P It was a fun weekend as always:)

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