Monday, 4 June 2012

Let's go on a date, shall we?

It’s been a while since my boyfriend and I hung out due to the fact that we’ve both been pretty tied up what with his intern still going on and me having to deal with my finals and school work in the last couple of months.  Anyway, I can just say that I’ve missed him a lot so we both decided to go on a “date”, not a formal one, that is.  It’s just one of those dates where we eat, and maybe watch a movie, then walk around which in my opinion is pretty special already.  What matters is that we enjoy ourselves which I can say we did cause we went to the “Galaxy Macau food court” and watched Men In Black 3 at the UA Cinema.  The movie was awesome by the way and I highly recommend it.  We walked around for a while after the movie ended until I had to go to work.  We didn’t get to do much, but still, I enjoyed myself a lot with my baby.

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