Sunday, 12 October 2014

Texas -- Fort Worth Travel Diary

(The continuation of our trip to Texas...)  The next day we woke up early for church and drove to Fort Worth to see the Water Gardens afterwards.  I had no idea that such things existed, so of course I was awe-struck.  It was nice to just sit down and hear the water flow all the way to the bottom of the steps (see first photo).  After a while, we just kept on taking snapshots of almost everything, or maybe that was just me.

I posted this photo on instagram too.  Follow mrsadventurer68 on instagram if you haven't already.

Our trip to Texas was all about the food and our time together (yup, just us siblings!)  It's been so long since the three of us were together and it was the first time for us to go on a trip alone, so you can bet that we all had a wonderful time.

We had lunch at this steakhouse where we each had a different kind of steak.  I've always known that Texas is known for their steaks and we were fortunate enough to have been able to try some.  The one I ordered was so good that words won't be able to describe how I felt while chewing that juicy piece of meat.  While I got a bite off of my brother and sister's steaks, I still thought mine was the best.  And of course good things don't come cheap, so after we finished our meals and were fully satisfied, we asked for the bill.  We weren't surprised when we saw that it reached up to more than a hundred and thirty dollars, but we were laughing and joking about who would be staying and washing the dishes at the restaurant.  Aaaahhh good times!  

We wandered around the stockyards for a while, looking for souvenirs/postcards for our parents and friends when something caught my eye.

Isn't this interesting?  I wanted to buy a lot of these and give them to some people as a joke, but eventually decided not to.

After walking around some more, we saw a breed of cattle called the Texas Longhorn wherein people could get on them and take a photo for five bucks.  I certainly did not let that opportunity pass because as my sister would put it "I was already there", and I believe that money I spent was definitely worth it.

Sorry for the photo overload (and for the poor quality of some as they were taken by my phone), but I hope you like them and stay tuned for more!  I hope you all had a great weekend! :)

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