Monday, 22 September 2014

Texas -- Dallas Travel Diary

The end of August and the beginning of this month was all about road trips.  I personally loved being on the road, especially because we were on our way to Dallas.  It was also Labour Day weekend so one could expect that the weekend was much longer than usual.  We fetched our brother from his dorm the day before so we could just go, go, go asap the next day.  We woke up pretty early, but not as early as we intended to, but we were still able to get there sooner than we thought.

The drive was two hours longer than the drive to Bentonville, but I tried to stay awake to keep my sister company since she was after all, the person behind the wheel and I didn't want her to doze off in the middle of the road.  Our brother, on the other hand, well let's just say he woke up when we were nearly there.

Our first stop was IKEA.  It was the biggest IKEA store I've ever been in, in comparison to Hong Kong that is.  I've never really bought anything at IKEA in Hong Kong so I didn't think I'd be spending money in that store.  I was wrong.  I bought mugs which were only 99 cents each and other stuff such as frames, ooh and 3 paintings.  I honestly have no idea how I'm going to bring everything I bought back to Macau, but I guess I'll figure it out soon enough.  The food was delicious by the way: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, fries, ribs, salmon fillet and cakes (I posted a photo on instagram, but in case you haven't seen it, I've posted it here again.)  Did I mention they were affordable too?

After lunch, we drove to our hotel, Best Western Plus.  It was our first time to stay at Best Western, but we were impressed when we saw it because our room was just neat.  We had the view of the pool which was just perfection.  If ever you're in town and you want something affordable, I think this hotel would be just right for you, plus it's only a couple of minutes drive to the Galleria Mall.   There are definitely a lot of things to do at the mall, so I can assure you that you won't get bored unless you hate shopping...  My siblings and I took advantage of the fact that there was an ice-skating rink so we skated for a while and shopped for a bit before heading to the little Korean Town in Carrollton.

Meet my elder sister and my younger brother! :)

Shabu Shabu for dinner with Korean side dishes :)  Aaah yes, it was a good dinner!

We devoured this in less than half an hour after it was served.  It was kind of like "halo-halo", a Filipino dessert with crushed ice, beans topped with ice-cream.  It was soooooo good and chocolatey and I'm so glad we got this because it was just too good!  Only at Caffe Bene folks and it wasn't really that expensive.  However, I forgot how much it was so I won't be able to tell you.  Just know that it was worth it so do drop by if you have one near your place or if ever you're in town. :)

I hope you had an awesome weekend and stay tuned for my next post!  

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