Monday, 24 November 2014

Eureka Springs -- Activities

I was pretty much psyched about meeting my friends (as I've mentioned a million times in my previous post) so I researched about what we could do or see there.  My family and I have been to Eureka Springs, but it was more than a decade ago so I could only imagine what it looked like or what has become of it.  I do, however, remember seeing the Passion Play which apparently is still being shown now.  Seeing the statues made me remember our old pictures and I thank God for bringing me back there and making me learn to appreciate it more now that I'm a lot older than when I was there before.

After searching for things we'd be able to do there on Trip Advisor, I realized that there were a bunch of stuff in store for us.  They had shopping areas, food stalls, restaurants and a whole lot of activities.

The first thing that Shannon asked me when she called early that morning when I was headed there to meet them was whether I was down for Ziplining.  And of course, if everyone was going to do it, why shouldn't I?  So there I was in the car actually thinking about how things would turn out and to be honest, I was hesitant after I've said yes.  It was an abrupt decision, but hey it definitely was an adventure!

This was definitely a first for me and something I'd definitely do again when I get the chance sometime in the future.  I had no idea what to expect and what I'd feel.  I was having second thoughts about actually doing it before we put on our gears and stuff.  My siblings had just passed by the ziplining thingy when I received a message from them asking me to calm down because they told me that I looked really worried.  I was, truth be told very nervous and worried at that time.  When our guides drove us to the first point, I just had to be the last one to go.  I had to count to three before I let my feet dangle in the air.  It was definitely an amazing feeling!  I felt that rush of adrenaline in my veins!  Hahaha

I believe we got to do some sightseeing for a while as well while we were high up in the air.  The view was simply breathtaking.  We weren't allowed to take our phones of course, unless our guides were with us so I was only able to capture the moment with my bare eyes.  It's a moment I'll never ever forget.  The trees were so pretty and the sky above was incredible.  It truly is an adventure to remember and I'm so glad I got to do it with my awesome friends! :)  It was worth a hundred bucks by the way for those who would like to know the price and it was once again worth the money!  You definitely won't regret it, I swear! :)

After that tiring activity, we grabbed a bite at a local bistro in town and went back to our cabin where the others took a nap.  I didn't really want to take a nap so I went out with Steph when she said she'd go and look around at the shops in town.  I'm so happy I went with her because we got to capture some really nice moments like the ones below.

Sorry for the photo overload, but I believe these photos are worth sharing and I'm trying to make up for the lack of posts and for being so far behind.  This was just the first day and we were able to do so much!  Stay tuned for my next post which I'm hoping I'll be able to do asap when work is no longer in the way. :)

Have a great week ahead loves! 

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