Saturday, 8 November 2014

Eureka Springs -- Deer Meadow Cabin

Hiiiii everyone!  Once again, here I am trying to keep up with my posts even though I know that I'm already so far behind.  Oh well... I hope I'll be able to manage my time well in the future.  I won't be able to promise though. :D

Moving on... the weekend that followed Texas was spent with my friends whom I met in Paris.  I never thought we'd be seeing each other again after two years.  It was really nice of them to fly to Arkansas and I am grateful, for my sister drove me all the way to Eureka Springs for me to see them.  I certainly had a blast and I can honestly say that it was one of the most adventurous trips ever and I'll tell you why in a bit or the next blog post so stay tuned!

The weather was a little bit chilly when we got there and my cardigan was not thick enough, but I didn't really care because from the moment I saw my friends, I got so excited that I'd forgotten about the cool air.  I felt so giddy and happy, and at the same time things felt surreal because who would've thought we'd be having a little reunion on the other side of the globe?

First things first, let me tell you about the place we stayed at.  Steph booked this cabin called "Deer Meadow" where I shared a room with Caitlin, while Naomi and Steph shared a room.  Shannon, on the other hand slept in the room next to ours.  There were windows in each room, as well as the living room.  One could wake up, sit by the window with a cup of joe in one hand and instantly be in a good mood.  That would be my impression of the cabin.  It's definitely a place where one can relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. 


I just love how the place was designed as everything seemed to be where they're supposed to be.  I don't know if it has something to do with lighting or maybe it's just my point of view, but I've always thought that orange lights seem to warm up a place.  

If you want to escape the urban areas and be one with nature, then I'd recommend you to go to something like this.  You'll definitely be one with nature as it's impossible to get a signal/an internet connection up there (for me it was anyway).  Nevertheless, I enjoyed my stay there and would go back if I get the chance because it's just so beautiful and it's not everyday I get to have a breath of fresh air and be surrounded by trees (only because I live in Asia).

Be sure to book ahead and trust me when I say that your stay there will definitely be worth it!  Just think of the fun and experience you'll gain from going to an old town like Eureka Springs!

I hope you like the photos and stay tuned for more travel posts where I'll be posting about what we did in Eureka!

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