Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New York City -- Day 3

I have once again been slacking up on blog posts, but I've a pretty good reason which is that I've got a new job!  Yay!  Now I know the new job doesn't require me to work on weekends and stuff, but I've just been so caught up in "living in the moment" and hanging out with friends and family.  Okaay, enough with the excuses.  So here's a new post/photo diary about my third day in the Big Apple.

Remember how I told you in my previous post that the Grayline bus tour included three tourist attraction tickets which could be used in all the landmarks of your choice?  Well, here's where I used the second one.  Liberty Island!  It was just another dream of mine to see the statue of liberty and I'm so thankful that it came true.  To see it in person was fascinating.  It's truly a wonderful work of art and to know that it represents freedom makes it even more significant.

Now, I wasn't able to go up to the crown because the tickets for that had to be booked two weeks or more in advance... or so I've heard, so if you would like to get up there, be sure to reserve your tickets earlier! :)  There wasn't much to see there so I decided to leave after taking a number of photos of both the skyline and the statue.  The view of New York is so much prettier from the island by the way so I'd definitely recommend everyone to go there if ever you're visiting the city.  A MUST-SEE/VISIT in my opinion!!

From Liberty Island, I took the boat/ferry to Ellis Island where I got to go around the museum and read about stuff I did not know before.  They have a bunch of things in store for you there, so I once again would highly recommend you to go there if ever you're visiting... I did not stay there for long though because I've gone around the museum and got to take a bunch of photos, not to mention, I fell asleep halfway through the "movie" about the immigrants.  It's embarassing that I did, but in my defense, I wasn't able to get enough sleep the night before.

I got on the boat back to New York and hopped on the bus and hopped off at Times Square to roam around and have something to fill my stomach.  Aaah yes, it was a pretty productive day being able to see what I had on my list for the day.

I met up with my friend after dinner to have shakes with a friend of hers at Harlem Shake.  They have pretty good and yummy shakes!  I had the chocolate and bacon shake which I thought was a pretty good combo if you ask me because it was both sweet and salty at the same time.

On our way home, we passed by Columbia University which is actually where my friend goes to.  Ohhh it was a wonderful day.  I hope you like the photos and if there's anything you'd like to know about this trip, do not hesitate to ask me or leave a comment below.  I'd really appreciate it. :)   

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