Monday, 2 February 2015

New York City -- Day 4

This is the last set of photos that I'll be sharing with you regarding my adventure in the Big Apple.  Time flew by oh-so-quickly and I'm so glad I decided to travel to NYC even if I was alone at that time.  It did not only teach me to be independent, but it taught me to be wise and most importantly, it taught me to get out of my comfort zone.

1. The Metropolitan Museum

My agenda for my last day there was to visit the Met which I'm glad I got to see because they just had so much to offer.  I wished I had a whole day to actually see half of the paintings and sculptures, but it was just not possible since it was my last day after all.  If you do visit the Met, make sure to plan ahead because you might waste your time in having to check which exhibitions you're actually interested in seeing.  That was my mistake.  I had no idea which ones to see first so I ended up just wandering from room to room and seeing sculptures, furniture, paintings, etc.  I thought I'd show you some of my favorites below.  Scroll down for more! :))  

I have a thing for abstract paintings for some reason.  The way I see it, artists of abstract artwork are able to express beauty in the most perfect way without the subject having to be the perfect being.

I had lunch at The Cafeteria because I heard that the food there was cheap and delicious at the same time and I'm glad I trusted the reviews because it was a good meal!

2. Central Park
En route back to Times Square, I passed by Central Park and it was just how I pictured it in movies, only it was definitely prettier!  I wasn't able to use my ticket for cycling though because I didn't have enough time and I had no one to watch my things for me.  Oh well!  Perhaps, next time.  Central Park is a must-see everyone!  It reminded me of Home Alone once again and the main protagonist, Kevin McCallister.  It was a wonderful place to relax and gather for picnics.  Oh!  If only I lived in New York!  If only...

I met up with my friend in Times Square at night and we went to Soho to get some shopping done, though I did not get a lot of stuff as I was almost broke.  However, my eyes were satisfied just by looking and trying on a bunch of stuff.  I'm hoping to go back again sometime soon because there's still so much to see and explore.

I hope you all like my photos and have a great week ahead everyone!  :)

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