Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Orleans Photo Diary -- Part 1

New Orleans, home of jazz music, Mardi Gras and the warmest people  you'll ever meet.  Also, their food is just too darn good!!!  My taste buds just couldn't get enough of the spices they used in their dishes.  I was really excited to spend Christmas in the city because I've never really gone anywhere before besides Macau.  Moreover, it was the first time my siblings and I have spent Christmas together, so it was pretty special.

The drive to New Orleans was exciting even though I wasn't able to stay awake the entire time.  The weather was definitely not in our favour and I was not expecting dense fog, rain, humidity or a hot Christmas, but it was still a fun trip.  For the most part, we spent our time shopping and of course, eating!  I shall return with Carlos or my parents for more "noms".  Mmmm mmm!

So, how did you spend your Christmas?  Do tell.  I'm all ears, or eyes in this case. :D

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  1. Amazing photos ! This place looks beautiful :)


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