Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lost in the City – Day 2.

The day after we arrived we had to check in at our dorm.  It was a couple of minutes away on foot but we didn’t know exactly where it was so it’s like we had to walk more than what we had expected with our luggage trailing behind us.  My mates were nice enough to help me pull my luggage.  Anyway, I was so glad to get to our dorm as I couldn’t wait to leave all my stuff there.  The Adagio will be my home for a month after all and I’m sharing a room with my roommate called Jenny.
After we’ve dumped everything into our room, we decided to go to the centre by Metro and just wander around and explore the city a little bit but unfortunately, it rained which wasn’t really a fun day for us.  The centre of Paris reminded me of places in Macau where all the shops were all beside each other.  However, the difference is that most of the shops are mega huge though they might deceive you from the outside and it was such a pleasant experience to discover such things.  We decided to eat at a restaurant where it was famous for its pizzas or something like that.  I didn’t really enjoy the food though, because the pizza was a little burnt and the salad was just too bitter for me.  I don’t even want to mention the price though I’ve got three words to say : Not worth it.  I took nice pictures though, in my opinion.
This is what I call art.


Ham salad.


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