Thursday, 28 June 2012

Touchdown Paris ✈

I arrived in Paris a couple of days ago and the moment I got out of the airport, I was so glad to see my mates waiting for me.  Seriously, I was panicking already since my phone could not be used to call them.  You see, I got on the plane alone.  So, I had no idea where to go though I could have just simply taken a cab.  However, only a handful of people speak English here so it’s really hard to communicate.  Anyway, the moment we got off the bus, we saw one of the most famous monuments in Paris and even though I knew I had to grab my luggage and rush to the Metro, I was still able to capture a couple of pictures.  It was just amazing to see it.  I mean come on, it’s not everyday that one could see it unless you live really close to it.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my luggage was too heavy and unfortunately for me, there were a lot of stairs at the Metro.  Imagine having to carry your 38kg luggage all the way down the stairs and more stairs.  Anyway, lesson learnt.  Next time, I won’t bring too much clothes.
We had to stay at a hotel since we could only check-in at our dorm the next day.  The hotel was called “The Residence” and it had a nice view.  That kind of wraps up our first day here since we were all too exhausted from our 14 hour flight.
Arc de Triomphe. (Took this when we got off from the bus from the airport)

Apparently the sun here sets at 10pm.

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