Monday, 18 June 2012

Nikon Boy and Canon Girl. ♥

Weekends are my favorite days of the week since that’s the only time I actually get to spend time with my boyfriend.  We went on our typical Saturday date where we had lunch at Galaxy Macau and ordered our favorite food fromPepper Lunch.  If you haven’t tried “Pepper lunch”, I highly recommend you do it’s just delish!  Anyway, I didn’t get to take pictures of our food because we had to rush since we bought tickets to watch Prometheus.  After having lunch, I had to rush to get some snacks for the movie wherein I got the jumbo classic fries from NYF.  Talk about pigging out.
I do not have much to say about the movie as I have no idea whether I liked it or not or I might have found it simply revolting.  First off, I’m not really a huge fan of science-fiction films, though the thriller part was awesome.  Overall, it wasn’t that bad though I wouldn’t watch it a second time.

       Mine and his (Camera love)
After the movie ended, we went to The Venetian which is just beside Galaxy.  However, we were too lazy to walk there so we took the shuttle bus and yes we're proud to say that we can be that lazy!  When we got there, I thought my bf would teach me how to use my camera, as in really teach me.  Little did I know that he would just tell me what those buttons were used for and that I had to try to capture shots on my own.  He told me that capturing shots are like a "trial and error" thing, therefore I'd need to capture shots again and again at times.  He also said that if I get used to using the manual settings, I'd eventually know what to do.  He brought his own camera, too and started clicking the shutter and it made me feel like we were on a different kind of date.  A "snapshot" date, that is.  Hence, the title.

The photos above were taken manually and I had to capture these photos quite a few times till they looked fine to me.  I still have no idea how the settings work, but hopefully I’ll be able to do better next time.

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