Wednesday, 27 June 2012

An adventure awaits me!

I was given the opportunity to go abroad and study there for a month.  However, I had a super fun night with my boyfriend and little brother before I left.  We went to the Hong Kong international airport the day before I left and my parents came like at dawn.  Anyway, we traveled by train going to the airport and stayed there doing nothing.  Not really, but we stayed up for the whole night and I was so exhausted before I left.  It was a memorable night and I appreciate the fact that both my family and boyfriend came to stay with me.  I super duper love them and I especially love my boyfriend who stayed in Hong Kong just to see me off.
About my flight, I had to sit on the plane for three hours to Beijing and then eleven hours to Paris.  It was such an exhausting time for me, not to mention I had to carry my own luggage.  Regrets regrets, but I have learnt my lesson and next time I’ll never bring most of my clothes and other unnecessary stuff.  Moreover, I’ll never ever travel alone especially when the duration of my flight is like more than 10 hours.  It gets really boring.
Anyway, it was quite an experience though since it was my first time, as in literally my first time to travel alone without my parents.  I mean I have traveled without my parents before, but I was with friends then but that’s a different story.

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