Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bits and pieces of this week.

This week has been all about hanging out and bonding with my childhood friends as I've mentioned in my previous posts.  It's been a really good week and I've had a great time laughing until my eyes watered, dancing till the wee hours of the morning, going to school with only four hours of sleep and doing all the chores at home while my parents were away.  Yup!  It's been fun and tough at the same time, but I survived so cheers to that!

Bonded with Lia...

And En-en...

Got some chocos from Chebi...

Kudos to Caloy for this photo :)

Had hot pot with both Caloy and Migs.

Krispy Kreme from the Philippines! 

Some other treats from the Phils! 

Folks got Migs and I a pair of BOBS instead of Toms. hehehe

Mom knows me too well! 

Partied with my girlfriends!

Thank you Lia for this awesome gift!!  Can't wait to use them! 

So there goes my week and no it's not over yet so it was great!! I hope you've all had a lovely week as well!! 

Love lots,
Regine M.

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