Friday, 25 January 2013

Girls' Night out!

Every Wednesday here in Macau, it's Ladies' Night which means unlimited free drinks for all ladies!  Haha!  It was the perfect time to go since both my parents were out of town and it's been a while since I last went to Cubic which is why I couldn't let that opportunity go to waste.  I went out with Ana Banana, Marga and Gee  and I believe we all had a blast!!  I mean from being on the dance floor in Cubic to dancing and watching guys dance in D2.  The last time I partied like this was in Paris!!  Aaaah memories!

girlfriends!  Three Anas and a Ginny. Hahaha

On the dance floor!

Bumped into Kelly Chu!! :)

Ana Banana! :)

@ D2.

My dear Marga!

We had a blast as I've mentioned earlier, at least I did and it may be a while again until I can go and party... I still have to recover from that night since I got a cold and I'm coughing like hell right now!  HAHAHA!  Oh well, the "perks" of partying. 

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