Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Can you spell broke?

These couple of weeks, I've been spending a lot and I know I shouldn't be but what am I supposed to do when I'm walking around the Venetian and looking around the stores?  Pretty things are bound to catch my eye which is why I can't afford to not buy them.  So the leopard printed shoes, oxfords or whatever they're called were on the shoe rack and where there were only two pairs left and one in my size so I took them.  However, the funny thing is that I had the intention of buying another pair but when I saw these, I was hesitant but Carlos insisted that I should get these instead so I did.  I got them last month before Carlos left for Korea and sad to say I've not worn them yet since I'm too lazy to dress up, but I shall wear them soon.  Hahaha!

Yesterday, I hung out with Carlos because it was our monthsary!  Yaay to us!  I know I've completely forgotten about it because I had a lot on my mind and school has already started so you can pretty much guess that I've been thinking about my assignments already.  After all, it is my last semester at the university, hopefully.  Anyway, we went to Galaxy to have lunch and went straight to the Venetian only to find out that they are on sale so again I bought a couple of things that were on sale of course.  I can't resist not buying anything especially when they're on sale.  I'm such a girl but I'll be wearing them soon, hopefully when I'm no longer lazy to dress up.  And Happy monthsary to us.  :)

Oh by the way, I decided to wear the cap he got me but decided to switch when we met so voila.  I'm wearing his "Bad Boy" cap.

Necklace from Pull and Bear.

Leopard shirt from Stradivarius.

Polka dotted shirt from Stradivarius.

I hope I'll be able to control myself next time because I am broke at the moment.  Oh well!  Cheers and have a lovely week!

Regine M.

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