Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Let's try something different! :)

What I wore: | Top (Inner): Primark, UK | Jumper: Bossini | Shoes: Bershka | Skinnies: UK | Bag: Stradivarius

These past few days I've been hanging out with my childhood friends, trying to reconnect and catching up on things.  My friend Maria, a.k.a. En-en has been a friend of mine since we were in grade school but knew each other even before that.  It's been almost a year since we last hung out, mostly because I've been busy with school and she on the other hand, with her job.  We haven't really talked much since she came back from the Philippines so I've pretty much missed out on a lot of things that's been going on in her life.  Thank God for Facebook!  Anyway, we decided to hang out a couple of days ago and well, we talked, we laughed and though it was pretty awkward at first, I must say things turned around when we started talking about our childhood memories.  Aaaah!  Good times!  Anyway, she's someone who loves taking pictures, from what I've seen on facebook anyway, which is why I brought my SLR just so we could take as much as possible!  HAHAHA!  I know I'm no fashionista but I really like clothes so we decided to play around with some of what we've seen in fashion blogs.  I wore a jumper over my pink sheer top as it was no where near as cold as winter is supposed to be.  This outfit is inspired by my dear friend Ana Banana who wore a jumper over a denim shirt when we hung out one time!  So kudos to her!!!!  Annnnd anyway, I know it's awkward to pose, but I think we'll try to work on that next time.  What's more is that we had fun and that's what matters, right?  We're hoping to do this again soon!!  Fingers crossed!

I hope you like our photos.  Let us know what you think?  Till next post!

Regine M.

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