Sunday, 20 January 2013

Un peu de cette semaine.

This week has been amazing despite the fact that I had to go to school.  The thing is my parents are away for a week so it's just me and my brother which leaves me in charge, so I get to do whatever I want for a whole week without anyone's permission.  HAHAHA!  Sooo, I've pretty much hung out with Carlos a lot and met up with a couple of my friends and it was nice catching up with them.  

The photos below are from my phone since I can't always have the SLR with me, would be too heavy if I carry it around all the time.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your week as well.

Subway for lunch 5 days ago.

Came across these in Taipa Village.

Finally wore my new shoes and Carlos wore what I got him.

Just look up!!

Just like in Paris eh? :)

Feeling like a tourist! haha 

My version of an ice-cream cupcake.

My "lava" cupcake.

All set!

At Sky21 Bar.

Pinky Colada and A thousand eye... or something.

Let's do the blogger pose! Hahaha 

Sinulog 2013

Soooo, that's pretty much how my week was.  It was a good one since all I did was laze around or hang out with friends which was great!  I do hope you like my photos even if they are a little bit blurry or unclear.

Love lots,
Regine M.

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