Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's Night at "The Private Party".

Holaa! So in my previous post I mentioned that I hung out with my dearest childhood friends where I had a blast playing cards, darts, drinking and talking.  I won't say any more about it but just know that I had an awesome time!  Honestly, they're fun people!  

Forgive me for the lighting was really bad and since I just used my phone so you can also expect the quality of the photos to be bad but I couldn't let these photos go to waste.  They're worth sharing since it's not everyday that I get to see them even though we live in the same city and a really small one that is.  I love them and I'm glad we're friends because they're the most awesome people I've ever met! 

Allow me to introduce my boyfriend who tends to be by my side in whatever circumstance or situation we're in.  Yes!  He is the sweetest person ever and I love him!!!   I feel so blessed and I thank God for my dear friends and of course my boyfriend!  Till next post everyone!  Ciao!

Regine M.

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