Thursday, 3 January 2013

A short visit to Hong Kong with the folks.

I went to Hong Kong with my folks the next day after hanging out at "The Private Party" and only had a few hours of sleep, not to mention I felt a little bit dizzy and very dehydrated.  Ahh yes, the effect of drinking although I wouldn't really call it a hangover since I didn't really drink much.  Anyway, we paid a visit to the usual shops in both Central and Causeway Bay such as H&M, Cotton On, Forever 21, etc where I got a couple of stuff for myself.  I'm somewhat glad that my dad tagged along since he's the only person who can stop me from buying stuff and I seriously have to stop myself from buying anything more.

The ones below are stuff I got plus most of them were on sale which I'm pretty happy about.

Cute bags or whatever they're called from Cotton On and trust me when I say they were really cheap!

Also got this red printed dress from Cotton On.

Oxfords from Forever 21.

I just fell in love with these printed leggings from Forever 21 (left) and Cotton On (Right).

We didn't really do much in Hong Kong because all my parents wanted to do was wander around the usual places in Central and Causeway Bay for a while and we basically just spent most of our time pigging out in restaurants and fast food restaurants so talk about gaining weight.  Anyway, that's all about my day.  Ciao folks!

Regine M.

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