Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's day! Parte Deux!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got to hang out with my boyfriend from afternoon till night time.  Afterwards, we met up with friends at this bar called "Private Party".  I know I don't drink much and I get tipsy after a couple of drinks but I had a blast!  I mean being with old friends just made me realize how much I missed them!  I love them to bits and I do hope we get together again soon because I missed them!  I was so busy in the last couple of months because of school that I've always rejected hanging out with them but I'm hoping to see more of them again soon!

That aside, I think I'll try to blog about fashion as well since I've been inspired by a lot of people both from the Philippines and here in Macau despite the fact that I'm no fashionista.  I guess I just love clothes and shoes and a lot of other things so I'll be sharing most of the things I love here and things or people that inspire me.

Okaay, so the photos above shows what my bf wore when we hung out.  I just really love his shirt and cap and I honestly can't get enough of it.  He just got back from Korea so I'm guessing he was super excited to wear most of the stuff he got from there including the cap and domo shirt!

What he wore: | Top&Cap: Korea | Jeans: F21 Men, Korea | Shoes: Pull&Bear | 

Forgive me, I know this looks weird and all but it's actually a candid shot. lol

It feels awkward to pose so...

Haha giving him a mean look! 

What I wore: | Top: Wanko | Jacket: Baleno | Booties: Dr. Martens (Hong Kong) | Leggings: Select (UK) | Ring: Korea (gifted by boyfie) | Watch: Swatch  | Necklace: Singapore

Guess that's all for this post.  I shall post my photos of our awesome night with friends in another post.  Till next post.  Ciao!

Regine M.

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