Saturday, 9 March 2013

He said the cap looked better on me.

 Hi there everyone!  I had an amazing day today which is not really that shocking anymore since Saturdays tend to be the best day of the week for me, especially since I get to spend the whole day with Carlos to chill and relax.  Today was awesome because we went to watch "The great and powerful wizard of oz".  I know it sounds a little childish, but I'm really into those kinds of movies, one with fantasy and fictional characters.  Growing up in Macau and being influenced by cartoons and TV programmes, I was bound to be into that genre.  Anyway, about my outfit.  I chose to wear something simple and comfy since I knew we would walk around a lot which is why I opted for my comfy oxfords, a jumper, a skirt and of course some tights.

Oh!  And allow me to say how much I love my jumper which I got from my trip to UK last summer.  I just adore the Union Jack and after experiencing life in the UK for around a month, I can say that it's a place I'd like to migrate to because everyone is just so friendly and nice and the weather's just right.  Well, at least it was great when we were there on vacation.  Haha!  I just love the Union Jack and collect anything with the Union Jack on or anything that's associated with it and I'm so glad that Carlos has been tolerating and spoiling me with my fascination of it.  Teehee!

Jumper: Primark, UK | Shoes: Forever 21 | Skirt: Mong Kok, HK | Cap: Borrowed from Carlos | Bag: Stradivarius |

After watching the movie, we decided to get some snacks or something to munch on while we continued to walk around and take photos.  By the way, these photos were obviously taken at night which is why we had to look for places where there were bright lights.  Oh, and also, I topped this outfit off with Carlos' cap even though he said he'd wear it himself but decided that it looked better on me, so voila!

 We even went to Mcdonald's to get dinner and my ice cream cone.  I know it's unhealthy but we tend to opt for comfort food on weekends.  Teehee!

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday like I did and hope you like my photos.  Till next post loves!

Regine Anne M.

P.S. Sorry for the photo overload!!!  I just loved the photos and couldn't decide which ones to put up so tadaa!

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