Sunday, 17 March 2013

Plain Colours.

Hi guys!  The weekend's almost over and once again I had an awesome Saturday with my big love! I wore a simple outfit that I imagined would go together in my head that included plain colours.  I brought my leather jacket as well because I thought I felt cold in the morning, but when we met up to hang out in the afternoon, I felt rather hot and in fact, I had to carry it all the way to the Venetian.  It was cooler at night though, so I'm thankful that I brought it anyway.  Teehee!

Jumper: Pour la Frime, In a Row | Shoes: Dr. Martens, HK | Skinnies & Jacket: Stradivarius | Headband: Primark, UK | Bag & Necklace: Forever 21, Singapore & HK|

 It was a great day and I thought both the weather and the location was great to take photos since hardly anyone ever goes to the Fisherman's wharf now.  Hehehe.  It's such a pity though because the Fisherman's wharf is a really nice place and a lot of people used to go there when it first opened, but now it seems like such a wasted piece of land.  Oh well, I hope they find something useful to do with it.  Let me know what you guys think about my outfit because I'd really like to know.  Till next post! :)

Regine M.

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