Saturday, 23 March 2013

New Stuff.

Hiya loves!  Sooo, just a couple of days ago, I turned twenty-two.  I know birthdays aren't about presents but hey, they can be associated with each other.  Teehee!  The stuff below are a couple of the presents I received from my boyfriend and my mom.  They're just the sweetest people ever! 

This satchel has got to be the best birthday present I've received this year!  Firstly, it's because it's from Carlos and it's the first mint coloured thing I own.  Oh!  And because I'm still a student, I am jobless.  Therefore, I can't afford to spend too much since I've already been spending more than my allowance.  Hahaha!

I bought this pair of shoes after my birthday dinner with Carlos and I honestly can't wait to use them!!  I've been eyeing this pair for quite some time and I'm glad I finally bought it because the voice in my head just wouldn't stop yelling "BUY MEEE!"

 And last but not the least, a blue blazer from my mommy dearest!  I just love the colour and well the details inside.  My mom told me that she got this for me because she saw me trying her blazer the other day, but since the size was way too big for me, she got this for me.  My mom buys me everything: clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, etc.  and I usually have to ask her to buy them for me, but she surprised me on my birthday with this particular blazer.

I love my family, boyfriend and of course God and I am so thankful for all the blessings that I've received, not just on my birthday but I'm grateful for everyday that He has given me.

Hope you guys like the photos!!  Till next post loves!

Regine M.


  1. Well Happy Birthday! Those are some great gifts, you lucked out!

    1. thank youu again! :D
      i love your blog too!! :)
      followed you on bloglovin :D

  2. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love the loafers, where did you get them if you dont mind me asking? Thanks for visiting my blog. You totally scored on the gifts btw.

    1. thank you soo much!!! :D
      I got them from pull&bear :))
      I love your blog too:D

  3. A little late but happy birthday! Great color on the blazer and I love the little skull details on the shoes!


  4. Happy Birtday sweetie (a little late wish!) Love the satchel bag, the colour is to die for..❤ and the blazer is gorgeous, lucky girl:)


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