Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's always a good time.

Hi there loves!  How've you been?  The weather in Macau has been terrible lately as it's been raining and you'd think it'd be warmer by now but what can I say?  The weather is just way too unpredictable!!  Often times, my mood changes according to the weather so I tend to be all down and sad whenever it's raining and vice versa.  However, I'm happy to say that I was feeling hyped up on Tuesday even though it was raining as I was able to pay a visit to Hong Kong for a couple of hours after school.  I didn't think it would continue to rain cats and dogs but it did and in fact, my parents told me not to go as there was a storm and all that, but I'm stubborn so I went anyway.  I went there with a purpose and that was to go to this seminar about higher education and stuff like that but I was super late and I didn't think I'd still be able to catch the guy who was in charge of all the briefings, but I guess I was lucky cause I caught him literally at the last minute and I got to ask him questions about his university.  Afterwards, I met up with Carlos at the ferry terminal who came to HK as well so that we could wander around for a while and even though it was raining, we managed to have fun which would be totally unlikely if we were stuck in Macau.

 We had dinner at this place called "Paisano's" where we each had a slice of pizza that was bigger than our faces.  Haha!!  I sooo love their pizzas there!  It gave me a hard time in finishing though because I was starting to get full when I've eaten half of it, but I managed to finish it slowly.  We were able to wander around Central and our favorite shops like HMV, Cotton On and H&M but I was only able to buy two books and a couple of badges and nothing else since some of the clothes didn't really suit my taste.  Teehee!  Carlos, on the other hand, was able to buy a pair of sneakers and that's when I decided to get my little brother a pair too.  Soooo, we walked and walked until Carlos told me that he wanted to eat again.  Talk about pigging out.  I felt like we went to HK just to pig out!  Oh well!  The only thing I like about HK is that restaurants are open from morning till late at night so we were able to stay there until almost 11 and that's when we decided to go to Causeway Bay and check out Forever 21 (my all-time favorite store because it's cheap and I'm always bound to find something I like).  It stopped raining then when we got there and in fact, we weren't sure it'd still be open but we took our chances anyway and we were surprised to see the opening hours when it was stated that they're open till 1a.m. in the morning.  Man!  I can really live in Hong Kong!  I managed to only get three items though... a ring, a tank top and a dress because we still had to catch the MTR back to the ferry terminal to go back to Macau.  I was a little bit disappointed, but we can always go back anyway!  Teehee!

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  Well I had an awesome time even if it was just for a couple of hours, but hopefully we'll be able to visit again soon!  Oh and sorry for the long post and photo overload!  Till next post loves and hope you have have a Happy Easter!!

Regine M.


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  1. You are just too cute! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog! ♥ Sure I'd like to follow each other! I follow you now, hope we keep in touch!

    Lots of Love, Kyra


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