Saturday, 30 March 2013

Recently Acquired.

Hi there again loves!  I'm blogging for the second time today since I haven't got much to do (actually, I've got loads of assignments and school related stuff to finish, but I'm just too lazy so voila).  Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post that Carlos and I paid a short visit to Hong Kong a couple of days ago and the photos below are a few of the stuff I got.  It's not much since we were short of time and I also mentioned that we had to catch the last MTR and the ferry back to Macau.

The three items above are all from Forever 21 and I'm sooo loving the ring and the multi-coloured print dress.  The tank top was something Carlos picked out for me because he said that I should get something I do not have yet and that I should try something different whereas he didn't allow me to get the other dresses I wanted as it was too common.  That's something to keep in mind: Don't ever shop with your boyfriend!  Haha!  Kidding!  It's nice to hear a guy's opinion once in a while but if there's something you find in a shop that you really like, quickly grab it and pay for it before he sees you, otherwise you might regret not buying it.

Oh!  And I also got two books that I've never had the chance to buy until I went to HMV.  Hehe!  I'm a bookworm sometimes and I love books that are mostly written by Sophie Kinsella!  And to be honest, I usually buy books because the covers catch my eye but I end up loving the stories anyway.  Is it just me or do you guys get attracted by the covers of books too?  Also, I mentioned in a previous post how much I love the UK and anything related to it right?  So, I got a "Keep Calm..." badge pack and I'm totally loving them!  They're oh-so-cute but I'm still thinking about where to pin them.

Oh and guess what?  I love love love this novel!  I borrowed it from my brother's friend and I mentioned it to a friend that I wanted to own it and voila!  He had a friend who was getting rid of books including this so he gave it to me instead.  Oh and it looks brand new!!  Haha!!  I'm so thankful!  Next time, I might just blog about my collection of books.  Soon, maybe?  I hope you guys like the photos.  Till next post loves! 

Regine M.

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