Monday, 8 April 2013

My Saturdate -- All about pigging out.

Hiya loves!  Here's a new post about all the random stuff I did with my love and a new outfit post which was inspired by Faye Danielle.  Yup!  She has a really amazing sense of style!  I'm wearing a similar outfit as that of Faye's and I really liked how it turned out.  I mean I've never thought of wearing this particular plaid shirt as a blazer although I often do with my denim one.  I would usually just wear this with a cardigan or a jumper but then I saw that it could be worn in the same way as my denim one so I gave it a try.  Forgive me for babbling too much but like I said, I'm no fashionista.  I'm just a girl who likes clothes and I get my inspirations from different fashion bloggers so voila. I grabbed the opportunity of wearing this plaid shirt as a blazer since it was very windy that day even though Mr. Sun came out to play.  Moreover, I wore my hat because I thought it completed my look, but I had to take it off at some points as I was afraid it'd get blown by the wind.

Anyway, I spent my Saturday with my love like I do every week, but I felt like it's been a while since we did anything fun for the whole Saturday because as I can recall, we've been studying in the library or doing research on our own particular stuff and we'd rarely talk until after we've finished with our stuff.  Sooo, what we did was pig out as the title for this post suggests.  We met up at noon and went straight to KFC for lunch.  Oh and I know I'm too shallow for taking photos of our lunch but I can't help it, it's not everyday we get to have KFC since it moved to Sands so please bear with me.  Oh and not to mention, we pigged out for the whole day as we went to the Venetian and Galaxy where we had crepe (photo below) and dinner.

Sooo right after we've had our lunch, we paid a visit to the Science centre nearby because my brother had a competition about his invention and stuff like that.  And although I wasn't really interested in what they had invented, I thought it was genius because it could help people detect CO2 or other poisonous gases (at least that's what he said) so I'm a proud sister.  I'm not really a fan of Science so I don't really care much even though I am quite fascinated about it sometimes.  The photos below were taken afterwards and I thought I looked really chubby/bloated.  I must admit that I have gained a lot of weight since I've been pigging out a lot with friends, my family, Carlos or even when I'm alone.  Hahaha doesn't get any better than that.
 Plaid Shirt: local store, HK | Inner Shirt: H&M, HK Skinnies: Forever 21, HK | Hat: In a Row | Shoes: Dr. Martens, HK | Bag: H&M, HK | Necklace & Ring: Gifted by Carlos | Watch: Swatch | Bracelets: Cotton On, HK | 

Here's a photo of my brother and his mates.

That's all about my "Saturdate".  I hope you all had an awesome weekend and I hope you like the photos loves.  Do let me know what you think about my outfit and my photos.  :)  Till next post!! 

Regine M.

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  1. Love that you have your own style! When a girl wears a hat Iam so in love , well done babe. I follow you now, but cant find bloglovin let me know if you have it otherwise I hope we speak us soon lots of love your Michelle


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