Saturday, 8 February 2014

Jakarta 2014!

My first trip of the year: I decided to go to Jakarta.  Why Jakarta, one might ask?  Well, because I have a friend whom I have not seen for a while now so I thought I'd visit her and trust me when I say that Jakarta is one of the best cities to go to.  Why?  Well, because I had the most AMAZING time there as it reminded me of home (Macau and Philippines) but mostly of the latter one. :)  And yup, I went there alone so I was able to bond with my awesome friend and her wonderful family.  Oh and her friend, Bill.  Words cannot even express how incredibly nice they were for bringing me around the city and taking me to different places to eat. =D

Anyway, I honestly had no idea that Chinese New Year was also celebrated there so it came as a bit of a surprise for me when we went to the malls and they had all those lantern decorations, lion dances, performances and stuff.  It was really nice to have been able to celebrate the holiday elsewhere for a change.  

I was only able to take photos with my phone so the quality isn't really that great.  Oh well, till next post.


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