Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Oh my!  It's more than half-way through April already and I am only a month away from reaching my goal.  Isn't it amazing how time flies when you're not looking?  :)  April's been great so far.  There was the Carnevale which lasted for around two weeks and I'm glad I was able to go at least once and see the pretty fireworks, shows and EAT!  Yes!  Oh, How I love to eat!  That's pretty much the only thing I ever do when I'm free.  Screw going to the gym!  Hahaha although I secretly wish I could go, my schedule won't permit me to do so since I'm working in an office and I'm too lazy to go on weekends since that's my only time off.  The photos below are from instagram since I don't have any other photos to show you.  I hope you like them. :)

How's April treating you so far?  Do let me know in the comment section below :)

Till next post loves,

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