Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Switch - from iOS to Android.

The switch from iOS to Android has made me incredibly happy for some reason.  Now, I am no gadget expert and I'm barely up to date when it comes to gadgets, but I must say that I am honestly in love with how the Note 3 looks physically.  The back features faux leather, as well as stitching which makes it look fab!  The screen is wide so it makes it better for watching movies or series whenever I'm on my break at work.  Not to mention, it's user friendly!

I was so reluctant to give up my iPhone (because I was so used to it and it's been with me for a while) but when Carlos got this for me on my birthday, I thought I'd give it a chance (just like I did with the rest of my other phones).  So far, I'm loving it!  Maybe it's the thought of having a matching black one with my love. :)

"Change is inevitable."

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