Thursday, 7 August 2014

Greetings from Arkansas!

It's been a while since I updated you all with a new blog post again, but no worries, I'm hoping that I'll be able to update this blog more often now.  I'm currently in Arkansas for summer vacation and I'm having the best time of my life since I have nothing much to worry about back home - job-wise anyway.  After working for a year and two months, I decided I needed a little break from home.  Hence, I tagged along with my family who had long before planned to come here already.

After hopping from airport to airport, we finally arrived here.  It's really hard to imagine what we had to go through as we were so exhausted and deprived of sleep.  Not to mention, we had to fly to Orlando after less than two days of being here, but we're back again so I guess it's fine.  I believe it was worth it though I cannot imagine and I do not want to think about having to go through the same process again when I return to Macau.  I guess I'll worry about that later.  What I really want to show you are pictures I took of while we were at the airports, in the air or just some really random ones.

I guess that's a wrap. I hope you like the photos even if they are so random.  I was bored so I just kept on clicking.  Ah yes!  The perks of having a smartphone.  :)  Anyway, stay tuned for my next post as I will be posting photos from my camera! :)

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