Friday, 8 August 2014

Touchdown Orlando!

I'm the type of person who usually enjoys the destination more than the journey, but now that I think about it, it'd be good for one to enjoy both.  I felt as though I enjoyed the journey going to Orlando because it wasn't that long and I was pretty much hyped up about what was in store for us.  I just loved every second we spent there because we simply had nothing to worry about, except on how to get from one place to another which my sister seemed to know about already.  And lucky for us, our sister was able to drive around and take us shopping for a bit when we arrived.

Orlando was so much hotter and prettier, what with all the really tall trees and blue skies.  I mean Arkansas has a lot of trees too, but the former state gave me the feeling that I could just kick back and relax myself.  One more thing I like about Orlando is that it's home to the largest disney theme park ever; Disneyworld!  Oh and Universal Studios too!  I'll be posting pictures I took at Disneyworld and Universal Studios in my next blog post so stay tuned!

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