Friday, 22 August 2014

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Photo Diary.

We could've been complete but our dad wasn't able to make it cos of work back home.  Anyway, this is my mom and my siblings.

Oh yes!  This book moves!   

The Hogwarts castle was simply breathtaking and everything just felt surreal.  It really was just like in the movies where an unknown vibe coming from every direction was simply screaming "Brace yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime!"  We entered through Hogsmeade and then later found our way to Hogwarts where we got on the ride called "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" which was pretty fun considering we were in Harry Potter's world.  I'm unable to explain the ride with words though, but it was awesome!!!!  

Afterwards, we went around the shops only to find muggles and more muggles, speaking of which there were a whole lot of us in this part of the park than anywhere else which was insane because Universal Studios is huge!  Of course there were wizards and witches doing skits and marching around as well.  After all, it is called the wizarding world.

Everything was just fascinating!  I felt like Harry Potter experiencing everything for the first time, except of course, he was a real wizard.  We got our first Butterbeer right after the ride and it tasted like heaven!  And after that, we were hungry so we had lunch at The Three Broomsticks!  The food was delish, the ambience was great what with Harry Potter soundtracks playing in the background - everything was just awesome and there was nothing more I could ask for!!  My dream of going there came true and I'm just really thankful for this opportunity and experience for God made it possible. :)

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