Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bentonville, Arkansas - Travel Photo Diary Part 1.

Hiiiii everyone!  I haven't been blogging as much as I should have when I have all the time in the world, what with being unemployed and stuff.  However, in my defence, I haven't been able to so due to the fact that I've been on the road most of the time (usually on weekends).  I've also been busy doing chores, reading books or simply lazing around during weekdays just because I know that I wouldn't have the privilege to do so when I return to Macau.

I'd like to share some of the photos I took while we were in Bentonville.  It's been almost a month now since we were there, but it was an amazing experience.  First of all, it was the first time I've ever gone on a road trip because Macau does not or hasn't opened their gates for us to travel elsewhere besides the three peninsulas, or maybe I just haven't heard of people going on road trips there.

I didn't think that being in the car for three hours was boring because I was asleep half the time.  It was pleasant because I didn't have to be the person behind the wheel, but one thing I would advise though before you do go on a road trip is that you ought to make sure that you have gone to the bathroom already and stay away from drinking liquid (especially if you have to go all the time like me).  Sure there are a lot of gas stations, but if you're with someone like my sister who wants to get there (your destination) as quickly as possible, then you might want to consider doing all those things I mentioned earlier.

Our first stop was the museum of art and I would have to say that it was so pretty both inside and out.  Admission is free, so I'll definitely have to say that it was worth the drive.  Also, if you are a big fan of artwork (paintings & sculptures), you might want to check this out! :)

Beside the works of art, there are explanations along with a little bit of history to fill us in on what's going on with what we're looking at, but of course you may have your own interpretation.

There's also a trail for you to follow outside after you're done with the museum, so if you want to take your time and go for a stroll, then I would recommend you to go along them too.

It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend everyone to check the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art if ever you're around that area.  I hope you like my photos and till next post! :)

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