Monday, 15 September 2014

Bentonville, Arkansas - Travel Photo Diary Part 2.

The second day was just as lovely as the first.  The sun was shining and the skies were blue, so we were able to go around for a while before heading back to Little Rock.  Our one and only stop involved visiting the Walmart Museum which was great because I got to learn about the founder.  There is no admission fee so you might want to go visit it if you're around the area. :)

I was very much inspired by how they first started off and how they became successful through their hard work.  Apparently, their main concern is to help the less fortunate so their prices tend to be much lower than other retailers.

The founder/owner Sam Walton, was inspiring because he was simple in the sense that he got his haircuts regularly for 5 bucks.  I was amazed at how someone so successful can be so down-to-earth.

Again, I would really recommend you to check the museum out if ever you're in the area!  They have a little souvenir shop too, where you can get postcards, candy bars and more!  Hope you like my photos and have a great week ahead! 

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