Thursday, 18 December 2014

St. Louis -- The Botanical Gardens

We left for St. Louis, Missouri the day after the wedding which was about five or six hours away.  Again, I had no idea what I could do as I remember being unable to sleep in the car because I was so excited about where we would go next and what was in store for us in our next destination.

I know I remember seeing pictures of my mom, sister and my aunt in St. Louis and I thought the places they went to were really pretty.  I just never expected we'd be going to the same places they went to so I'm really glad we stopped by this city before going back home to Little Rock.

We stayed at the Drury Inn & Suites and I was pretty amazed by how nice and lovely their lobby was.  We were greeted by their friendly staff and immediately issued a key.  Now, I don't know how much my sister paid for our room but the one we got was really spacious and it had a wonderful view.

I would definitely recommend this hotel for anyone who's visiting Missouri.  Breakfast is free for guests by the way so this is a yay for breakfast lovers.  They also offer a kind of mini tea time buffet where they had a variety of food such as mac & cheese, sausages, chili con carne and a bunch of other desserts.  We arrived at around noon time so we got to enjoy their yummy mini buffet.  Moreover, guests could have two cocktails for free if I can remember correctly.

At night, guests can get free popcorn and sodas while watching the game near the lobby.  It was nice and very relaxing!


Our agenda for that day was to visit the Botanical Garden where our goal was to again be one with nature.  Honestly, I can say that the money was sooo worth it!  It wasn't expensive at all and if I can remember the exact cost correctly, I'd say it was 8 dollars per person which my sister paid for so it was all good.  Haha.

Our aunt didn't want to come with us so we dropped her off at the art museum which I didn't get to see (but hopefully I get to in my next visit), and headed to the lovely garden to admire the pretty flowers and finally meet my sister's friend, Neil (which I believe was unplanned).

Breathtaking scenery

My sister goofing around whilst on the phone with Neil :) 

My sister and moi

Look at my sister being all "shy" :)

Don't you think the colours of the flowers are so vibrant and pretty?  I hope this has inspired you to visit a botanical garden in your hometown if there is one, or if ever you're in town, this is a MUST-SEE!  Trust me when I say you'd find serenity and tranquility here.  Definitely perfect for people who are trying to escape the harshness of reality.

Anyway, I hope you like my photos and stay tuned for my next post and I hope you have all have a lovely weekend.

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