Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wisconsin -- Cheese Factory/The Art Museum/The Wedding

The weather in Madison wasn't very promising.  It would've been nice if it was only chilly, but noooo it had to rain!  And I believe everyone knows that the cold + the rain won't please anyone.  However, I really can't complain though because I like cold weather!  I love wearing sweaters and jumpers and long sleeved clothing in general.  And I got to do all that in September so hoooraaay!!  If I were in Macau then, I'd be complaining about the heat.

Anyway, I'd say I'm pretty lucky to have a sister who is not one who would like her time to be wasted which is why we got to do a bunch of stuff before her friend's wedding (which was the main purpose of this whole trip).  I would just like to let you know that this blog post will probably be the longest among any of my other posts since I am reluctant to separate them. :P

Our first stop was the Cedar Grove Cheese where we got to see their little factory and got a tour out of it.  Basically, the tour enabled people to read what was on their walls including its history, how they're made and so on, so forth.  I honestly do not remember what was written on those walls because I was too mesmerized by the people behind the glass and pretty much intrigued by how they make the cheese... not to mention, I was also only interested in tasting/buying/eating the cheese.  We ended up buying some of their cheese curds which are to die for!  They were really, really good and those are what I would recommend you to get if ever you're in town or if ever you get the chance to visit them.  You can munch on them while watching a movie and it just makes a really good snack.  It also makes that squeaky sound as you chew on them which totally reminds me of the mice in cartoons. :)

We also passed by the store where we could get some sausages because my sister said they were good.  I think I've only had a few bites and they were alright, but I probably wouldn't come back for more... not unless I crave for them.

Our next stop was the Chazen Museum of Art where there exhibitions really impressed me.  Everything was completely detailed (see the photos below).  Of course we weren't really allowed to take pictures so I had to hide my phone from time to time and my sister would be like "just try to look at it" and that's what I did with most of them.  The art below are pretty much the ones I liked where I couldn't resist to not take photos of them.  We weren't able to see everything though which is a shame because we were already there.  However, time didn't really give us much of a choice as we had to grab a bite and prepare for the wedding so I told myself that I'll be back.

(Tip: If ever you're in town, do visit this museum as there is no admission fee and it's really worth seeing because you'll really be able to appreciate the art and exhibitions that are on display.)

We were able to pass by the University of Wisconsin and boy was it pretty!  It definitely made me wish I was still in college because I would've loved to socialize with the students there.  Madison is huge and I wished we could've stayed another day to explore, but oh well, one can't have everything. :)

This is what we both looked like on our way to the wedding.  I had to throw on a cardigan since it was cold, no kidding.  The weather there in fall is equivalent to winter in Macau so I was freezing, but like I said, I like cold weather so I took it like a lady.  (Say what?) :)

Anyway, jokes aside.  This wedding was probably the cutest/most romantic wedding I've ever attended.  The way the groom looked at the bride would make you go "awwwww".  The joy that everyone felt in the room was warm, despite the fact that it was cold outside.  The event was held inside because of the rain and it was just as amazing as it would've been if it was held outdoors.

My sister and I had cosmo cocktails before the appetizers and dinner were served which made me really hungry because I alone, was not satisfied with what we had for lunch.

I really enjoyed the wedding even if I only knew two people there (my sister and Richelle).  Everything was just so pretty!  The table setting was colourful, they had a photobooth, they served good food, they entertained their guests, there was dancing and despite the bad weather, the wedding could not be stopped.  I really loved how they each wrote their own vows.  It was romantic and they could claim it theirs.  Ahhh!  The wedding was such an inspiration for me because it was the first time I've ever attended a multi-cultural one and it was great.  Oh, except for the DJ!  He kept on playing old songs and he'd cut the good ones short...

I'm glad I got to attend this wedding in Madison and I'm hoping my sister would be next.  Hahaha!  She says it wouln't be for another 3 or 4 years, but I'm crossing my fingers for her.

I do apologized for the photo overload once again and the poor quality of the photos, but I hope you like them and stay tuned for my next travel post.

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