Sunday, 22 November 2015

Temple Runnin'

Hi loves! How's November treating y'all?  I'm hoping it's better than mine, as I've been very stressed with everything that's been going on with working life and being an adult.  And it's also one of the reasons why I haven't been updating this blog, but finally here's a new post. :)

It's been almost two months since I went to Bangkok with my girlfriends.  Once again, allow me to say that Time flies quickly when you're not looking.  Seeing the pictures above reminded me of the fun we had and how it's been quite some time since we had that much fun because work's been sucking the life out of us.  And I swear trying to juggle both working life and personal time has been difficult.  I feel as though my job has been weighing me down recently.  But I'll save that topic for another post.

Our trip to Bangkok was a really tiring, but awesome one considering the fact that we were able to make the most out of it.  We only had 2-3 hours of sleep each day during that weekend, but it was amazing which brings me to this blog post.  I used to play Temple Run years ago where my brother or Carlos and I would compete to get the highest score and be able to have that smirk on our faces and the privilege to challenge each another.  Of course, now that I think about it, it seemed very stupid of us to compete over a game that wouldn't get us anywhere but bribing rights amongst ourselves.  Seeing the temples in Wat Pho made reminded me of Temple Run, hence the title of this post.  It was amazing to see the temples from both inside and out because they had a lot of details (as you can see from the photos above).  I appreciated the architecture of those temples wherein each of them seemed to be pointing upwards.  I'm lost for words when it comes to explaining about architecture.  All I know is that when I saw it, I thought it was very unique and that the Thai people have done a magnificent job in preserving such wonderful attractions.  The entrance fee is cheap (and you get a free bottle of water), but then again so is everything.  So if ever you're in town, be sure to check the temples out!  You won't regret it and you can even get your palm read by a fortune teller!  Keep in mind, however, that you're not allowed to go inside with your knees or elbows showing which is why I wore a scarf and a maxi skirt.  Also, be sure to wear shoes that can be taken off easily as you would have to remove them and place them either outside of the temple or get a bag you can put them in.  Tadaaa!

Sorry for the wordy post, but I do hope you enjoy this and the photos.  Have a great week ahead loves!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful place. I'd love to go to Thailand someday <3 Great travel diary!

    Have a nice day!



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