Monday, 9 November 2015

Arriving in Bangkok

Upon arriving in Bangkok, Lia and I were welcomed by one of the hotel's chauffeurs who drove us to none other than where we were staying at -- Lohas Suites.  We were already drained because by the time we got there, it was already past midnight.  And if you must know, we had been working for the whole day.  I'm not complaining of course, because technically, we were the ones who chose to go on those particular dates.

I was surprised when we stepped foot inside our room because I was not expecting a very spacious room for the price we paid.  But, it is Bangkok after all.  I believe it's a place where almost everything is affordable for anyone who comes to visit.

It was my first time in this city and I must say that it reminded me of the motherland.  The streets and roads were definitely similar.  Not that I've ever been around Manila at night, or at all but I'm pretty sure they looked somewhat the same.  Seeing tuktuks on the streets immediately made me think of tricycles.  

Moving on, Lia's friend, Andy was waiting for us at the lobby before we checked in.  And despite the fact that it was late, he was really nice enough to take us to the nearest noodle shop right beside the road where vehicles actually pass by.  The noodles were very tasty and I especially loved the "char siew" that came with it.  What made it an even better experience were the spices.  Mmmm mmm!  I'm a big fan of chilli powder, chilli flakes and chilli oil.  Basically, anything with chilli in it, you'll find me devouring it in minutes with a drink on the side.

We didn't really have much energy left afterwards and as soon as we were done with our bottles of beer at the bar near our hotel, we were ready to recharge.  We didn't really get to do much that night, but we did have a lot of fun the next day so stay tuned for my next post loves. :)  

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  1. Oh very cute pics, the food looks pretty yummy


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