Monday, 11 January 2016

Little Rock

Hi loves.  It's me again... blogging from the other side of the world.  It's been more than 3 weeks since I arrived here in the US and my oh my has time flown by so quickly without me noticing...  Having been here for the time that I have has made me realize that I've been living under a "little rock" my whole life.  There's just too many things to see and experience elsewhere that I feel the need to be set free from the place I call home.  Macau has always been my comfort zone.  However, the need to grow has been haunting me ever since I started working two years ago.   "Time for change, time to get out of here" are words that would constantly pop up in my head, but how does one do it?  I do apologize for the sentimental post, but those are some of the things I've been thinking about for a long time now.  On another note, I've been filling my days in the the city of Little Rock by snapchatting, taking photos of random stuff (see below for your amusement), bumming around and working at the same time.

And now, I leave you with these.  Stay tuned for more randomness! :)

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  1. wonderful photos! (•ˇ‿ˇ•)


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