Friday, 20 May 2016

Just live.

Hiiiii, so I haven't really gotten around to sorting out my photos in Taipei.  It might take a while since I've been preoccupied with everything that's been going on in my life.  I mean aside from my job and occasional meetups with friends and lunch/dinner with the folks, life just hasn't really been the same.  I haven't been the same, but then again this shouldn't really come as a surprise because everyone has the tendency to change.

 What's on me: Top: F21 | Skirt: Local Store (HK) Bag: Present from my cousin Sneakers: Converse 

The past couple of months have been a learning process for me and I have certainly been reflecting a lot.  Let's just say that the person who used to care about the littlest of things no longer exists and I must say that I certainly feel a lot better.  Not everyone is happy with this new attitude of mine though, but then again, it doesn't really matter.  After all, we shouldn't live to please people. :)

On another note, I was able to hang out/catch up with my bestie, Seff.  And despite his busy schedule,  we were able to take ootd photos again!  Yay!  It's been a while so I'm glad we got to do a little bit of what we usually do: catch up over coffee, eat and take photos.

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