Thursday, 23 June 2016

Denim Pinafore

The days are passing by rather slowly, but that's prolly only because I've been working alone in the office for almost two weeks now.  Certainly isn't fun when your co-worker and best bud goes on leave.  I'm too psyched for her to come back though.  Just a couple more days.

Life, for me, is still the same.  I go to work and occasionally hang out with friends and family.  Same old routine, but I'm pumped for next month because I'll be seeing people who are very close to me so yaaaay! :)

What's on me: Shirt/Pinafore/Sandals: F21 | Clutch: present from Tiff Cap: Cotton On| 

Anyway, onto my outfit.  As always, I chose to wear something comfy, yet trendy?  I mean I'm not really updated with the fashion trend these days, so it doesn't matter.  This ensemble reminded me of school and the good old days where all I had to do was study and not worry about having to earn a living.  And that day was pretty much all about chillin' so I had fun.  The weekend's coming up and I couldn't be more excited because I'll be seeing friends I have not seen in a while.  What are your plans?  Do tell. :)

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