Saturday, 4 January 2014

And so I bid 2013 farewell...

Before anything else, I would like to bid 2013 farewell...  It was, once again, a memorable year though I wouldn't consider it a great year.  I was however, able to accomplish some things which I'm very thankful for.  Of course I wouldn't have done it without God, my family, boyfriend and friends.  I'm done being a student in reality although I wish I weren't.  But at least I've made my parents proud that I've graduated with a Bachelor's degree.  I've started working and I was able to go to another country, thanks to the company I'm working for.  I was able to spend quality time with my family, boyfriend and of course my friends so when I think about it now, 2013 wasn't really that bad.  I just had a lot to endure and I had to adapt to working life, but I'm over it already as I've decided to stop complaining (which I highly doubt I'll be able to do) this year.  After all, 2014 is a new beginning and I have a feeling that this year will be LEGENDARY!  Hahaha And yes, I've been watching "How I met your mother" a lot these days so that explains the word.  I hope 2014 is going great for you all!!  Cheers to a new awesome year!!


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